Workshops allow people to confront themselves with other participants, to discover other way of thinking and doing, to learn in a constructive and interactive environment. If shifted at an international level, workshops assume an international and intercultural perspective that makes them even more fascinating.

That's exactly what INTERMOBEX intends to achieve with its Thematic Workshops, offering to participants an added value: being immersed in the wonderful scenery of Canary Islands. In fact, our offer consists in full organized packages allowing participants to spend a short time in Gran Canaria combining interactive and thematic activities (workshops, but also mini courses) with free time activities (such as excursions, guided tours, events, etc.). The purpose is to welcome people (especially from foreign countries) in Gran Canaria giving them not only the opportunity to meet other people with the same interests and passions, but also to take advantage of their stay for discovering the island and its beauties. Our workshops packages combine thematic training sessions carried out by local professionals with recreational, touristic and cultural activities aimed to get known the island of Gran Canaria.

Thanks to the workshops promoted by INTERMOBEX, participant will:

  • Meet new people in an intercultural environment;
  • Share common passions and interests;
  • Exchange knowledge and information;
  • Create networks;
  • Discover how a discipline/theme is treated abroad;
  • Know the hosting country;
  • Combine learning and fun!

Specific features of INTERMOBEX's Workshops

  • Variable duration (from 2-3 days to 1 week);
  • Interactive methodology;
  • Practical activities;
  • Directed to small groups (10 people or less);
  • Carried out in Spanish or in English;
  • Open to everyone!

Some example of thematics on which our workshops focus:

  • Arts Workshops (painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, music, etc.)
  • Handcraft Workshops (work of glass, wood, jewelry, ceramics, etc.);
  • Enogastronomy Workshops (cooking classes, tasting sessions, etc.);
  • Mind & Body Workshops (yoga, mindfulness, water sports, trekking and hiking, etc.).

What does INTERMOBEX offer?

Thanks to a broad network of partnerships in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and around the island, INTERMOBEX is able to arrange short-time packages combining thematic workshops and leisure activities taking care of:

  1. Organizing sessions and schedules of the thematic workshops with the collaboration of local professionals;
  2. Arranging transfers from and to the airport;
  3. Finding accommodation;
  4. Planning cultural and touristic activities;
  5. Providing support at any moment.

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