Are you a student, a recent graduate or a young person looking for a vocational training experience abroad but you 
are not eligible for an Erasmus+ Traineeship? Don't worry, you have the opportunity to get an internship or a placement in Canary Islands relevant to your future career.

Getting vocational experience abroad will help you to gain the linguistic and job related skills that employers are looking for: due to the high competitiveness of the today's labour market, having an international internship is one of the best choice for your prospective career.

Actually, training abroad is about much more than a work experience: during an internship abroad, you will have to face both personal and professional challenges, and the payoff of this process will be enormous in terms of abilities gained. Intercultural communication and language skills are essential in the modern professional world, so employers will really appreciate your past experience abroad. Moreover, by leaving your comfort zone to immerse yourself in an entirely new culture, you will discover who you are really and what you are capable of. For all those reasons, it would be not wrong to say that the travel and life experience acquired through internships abroad is probably even more important than the professional experience itself.


Internships opportunities in Canary Islands with INTERMOBEX

In the frame of Mobility Experiences for work and training, INTERMOBEX offers two main opportunities:

Internships: short periods of professional experience during which you'll be working as a normal employee of the hosting organization, having a taste of what real work is like; this kind of experience can help you make professional contacts, develop soft skills and improve your competencies and abilities. Duration: from 1 to 6 months

Placements: long periods of professional experience, normally part of a course of study, even if it's not always possible to complete placements abroad (consult your academic or placement adviser for more information about the requirements for your placement). Anyway, even if your course of study doesn’t include a mandatory placement as part of the course, you can choose to have a volunteer placement (both in your country and abroad) compatibly with your studies. Duration: from 6 to 12 months

By counting on strong entrepreneurial partnerships in Canary Islands, INTERMOBEX is able to find the most appropriate hosting company for internships and placements according to applicants’ CV, education, language knowledges and previous work experiences.

Like for Erasmus+ Traineeships, INTERMOBEX provides Internships and Placements in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the following sectors:

internship abroad spain canary islands

  • Administration, Human Resources (HR) and Business Management;
  • Communication, Public Relations (PR), Journalism and Media;
  • Advertising, Offline and Digital Marketing;
  • Informatics and Telecommunications;
  • Engineerings (mechanical, industrial, electronic, informatic, environmental, civil, robotics, and more);
  • Hospitality, Catering and Tourism Management;
  • Arts, Music, Cultural and Natural Heritage;
  • Architecture and Design;
  • Handcraft and Professionals;
  • Law, Social Sciences, NGO and No-Profit;
  • Retailing, Logistics, Import/Export, International Commerce;
  • Science and Environment;
  • Healthcare, Wellness and Sport;
  • And more.

Internships and placements are normally unpaid and require an insurance coverage for the whole period of the mobility (we’ll help you to find the best and cheapest policy).

N.B.: The possibility to receive a pocket money, an expenses reimbursement and/or meal vouchers will be specified in each position advertised or will be eventually negotiated with the hosting company.


What can INTERMOBEX do for your Internship?

To take advantage of the benefits that an internship abroad offers, it’s important to find an internship of high quality: that's why INTERMOBEX puts at your disposal its experience and knowledge of the territory, in order to find the best placement for you.

Concreterly, INTERMOBEX will take care of:

  • contacting hosting companies potentially relevant to your profile;
  • carrying out all the internship related administration obbligations;
  • providing support, tutoring, monitoring and evaluation;
  • delivering an Internship Certificate of Attendance.

Moreover, INTERMOBEX will provide you collateral services, such as: transfer from/to the airport to the accommodation, research of accommodation solutions (under request), organization of language courses (under request), planification of cultural activities and touristic tours (under request).

Want to apply for an international internship or placement?

Send us a short cover letter, describing your profile and requirements: we’ll send you complete offer of open positions and a detailed quotation.