"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."

For sure, speaking a foreign language is a plus in one's life: it opens you many doors in the job market, it allows you to travel around the world, to discover new countries and, even more important, it opens your mind. In fact, to know a different language means to have the tools to know also a different culture, a different way of thinking, a different way of life! And it's simply amazing, do you agree?

Someone stated that "You can never understand one language until you understand at least two" and that's true! As like as for cultural diversity, where you cannot understand and know yourself until you've not understood and known "the other", the more foreign languages you speak, the better you will understand each one of them. For this reason INTERMOBEX strongly encourages the study of foreign languages both among young people and adults (yes, it's NEVER too late!).

What is the best way to learn faster and better a language than to live in the country where the language itself is spoken? Of course, not everyone is able (or wants) to move for a long time in a foreign country, just to learn a new language: working obligations, personal life, economic issues are all factors that can make it difficult to spend a period abroad to learn a language.

As an alternative, you can decide to study at your home country attending a standard language course, even if you're aware that the learning process may take months or years, forcing you to divide your time among grammar, reading, listening, speaking and writing lessons.

Luckily, it exists a valid alternative to both situations: whether you're looking for a short and intense sprint language learning approach to learn faster and sooner but you don't have the possibility to move abroad for a long period, you can participate in a Language Immersion!


What is a Language Immersion?

Language immersion courses put yourself in situations where you’re forced to speak and understand a foreign language that you don’t speak well or at all.  Also known as "sink-or-swim" (because  when immersed in the water, people inevitably swim rather than sink, even if they are not able to do it), this method of language learning works faster and better than traditional classroom language training.  Why?

Reason #1: During the immersion, the brain of learners processes the new language in a more “native-like” way than in a standard language classroom.

Reason #2: Immersion training allows learners to assimilate the new language in a more natural way and prepares them for dealing with real-life situations.

Reason #3: Immersion training lets learners immerse in both the language and the culture simultaneously.

In other words, Language Immersions consist basically in focusing on the language learning all day every day in an intensive way for short periods of time: to get immersed in a foreign language being forced to "swim" for not sinking.


Language Immersions in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

To promote the learning of foreign languages, INTERMOBEX offers Full Immersion Language Courses in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, that can be carried out in different languages: Spanish, English, German, etc. With the support of internationally recognized language schools and private teachers, we are able to organize Language Immersions for any need, customizing the course according to languange level, period and duration of the training, number of participants, goals of the training programme, type of immersion preferred (individual or in groups), and so on.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us at info@intermobex.com describing in what Language Immersion you are interested.