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The area of International Mobility refers to cross-border experiences of training, studying, learning and working open both to young people and adults: from students to recent graduates, from workers to freelancers. Everyone has a good reason to cross the country borders and live a fascinating experience abroad.

INTERMOBEX strongly encourages international mobility experiences as enriching moments for life and professional progress: discovering first hand another country provides an unparalleled opportunity for individuals to understand and engage with people from different cultures, share ideas, improve linguistic and cross skills, and acquire new competencies.

Moving transnationally plays a key role in personal growth and career development, since it allows individuals to experience new horizons, build cross-borders relationships and, as a result, to compete successfully in a global environment.

People can be pushed by different motivations to take part in an international mobility experience:

  • learning and training needs;
  • career advancement desire;
  • international work experience buildup;
  • improvement of language skills;
  • exposition to new ideas or technologies.

Mobility Experiences in Canary Islands with INTERMOBEX

Do you identify yourself with one or more of the above mentioned motivations? Then you are ready to join an international mobility experience. There is a transnational mobility opportunity for every age, profile and need: just find the most suitable for you!

INTERMOBEX offers different mobility experiences in Canary Islands:

INTERMOBEX will be responsible to organise, manage and monitor your mobility experience in its totality, planning all the mobility activities and providing the necessary mobility related services (transfers from/to the airport, local transports, accommodation, collateral recreational activities, etc.). As always, INTERMOBEX operates with the aim of ensuring you high quality experiences, supplying you a complete package of services and giving you the possibility to enjoy your stay in Canary Islands without concern.


Looking for a mobility opportunity?

Do you need more information or support to find the mobility experience that best fits with you? Send us an email and we'll answer to your doubts and questions.