Erasmus+ Traineeships are open both to people currently in education and to recent graduates, providing them the opportunity to gain valuable work experience abroad through internships and work placements.

Traineeships are aimed for high school students, university students, VET students and young people in general. Traineeships can be carried out in any organisation relevant for the degree-related learning and personal development needs of each participant, opening up perspectives that ordinary studies may not provide.

Moreover, by doing a traineeship abroad with Erasmus+, students and young people have the chance to improve not only their communication, language and inter-cultural skills, but also several soft skills highly valued by future employers, by making it easier to find a job after the studies.

Erasmus+ traineeships abroad can last from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 12 months. Recent graduates have to do the traineeship within one year of the graduation and apply for the scholarship while still being enrolled in their higher education institution.

Participants may receive an Erasmus+ Grant as financial support for travel and subsistence costs. The amount of the scholarship may vary due to many aspects: differences in living costs between the sending and the destination country, the number of students applying for the grant, the distance between countries and the availability of other scholarships.

Application procedures, deadlines and conditions for Erasmus+ Traineeships may be different from one education institution to another: for more information it’s strongly recommended to contact the respective Erasmus+ Coordinator or the International Relations Office.


Erasmus+ Traineeship opportunities in Canary Islands with INTERMOBEX

INTERMOBEX operates in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) as hosting and intermediary organisation, acting as a bridge between students and local companies. Thanks to its deep knowledge of the entrepreneurial reality of the Canaries, INTERMOBEX is able to find the most appropriate hosting company according to the CV, education level, language skills and previous work and training experiences of each applicant.

Presently, INTERMOBEX can cover Erasmus+ Traineeships and Work Placements in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the following sectors:

  • Administration, Human Resources (HR) and Business Management;
  • Communication, Public Relations (PR), Journalism and Media;
  • Advertising, Offline and Digital Marketing;
  • Informatics and Telecommunications;
  • Engineerings (mechanical, industrial, electronic, informatic, environmental, civil, robotics, and more);
  • Hospitality, Catering and Tourism Management;
  • Arts, Music, Cultural and Natural Heritage;
  • Architecture and Design;
  • Handcraft and Professionals;
  • Law, Social Sciences, NGO and No-Profit;
  • Retailing, Logistics, Import/Export, International Commerce;
  • Science and Environment;
  • Healthcare, Wellness and Sport;
  • And more.

Participants will be involved in high quality traineeships and work placements; they will experience the local working culture and develop many technical and transversal competencies important for their future employability: linguistic, communication and social skills, leadership and teamwork, self-confidence, autonomy, time management, pro-activism and initiative, etc.


What can INTERMOBEX do for your Erasmus+ Traineeship?

The aim of INTERMOBEX is to offer an excellent training experience and to make easier the iter needed for the launch and monitoring of the Traineeship.

First of all, INTERMOBEX will contact companies relevant to the trainee's profile, taking care to find the best match between them, and will deal with the traineeship administrative obligations: signing Partnership agreements with companies, drafting Learning Agreements for participants, and managing all the aspects of the traineeship.

Secondly, to ensure the correct implementation of the mobility, INTERMOBEX will offer to each participant full and continuous Support and Tutoring, thanks to Monitoring Plans and Evaluation Meetings, useful to make corrections (on time) when necessary. At the end of the mobility experience, INTERMOBEX will grant a Certificate of Attendance to each participant. At the end of the mobility experience, INTERMOBEX will grant a Certificate of Attendance to each participant.

Finally, INTERMOBEX will take care of the "logistic" side of the stay: transfer from/to the airport to the accommodation, research of accommodation solutions (under request), organization of language courses (under request), planification of cultural activities and touristic tours (under request).

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