erasmus plus job shadowing canary islands las palmas gran canariaThe Staff Mobility includes transnational non-formal learning mobility activities coming under the Key Action 1 (KA1) of the Erasmus+ Programme, in the framework of Mobility of Individuals in the field of Education and Training.

All the Staff Mobility Actions are aimed to support the professional development of Higher Education Institution (HEI) teaching and non-teaching Staff in the form of training events abroad and observation periods at a partner HEI, or another relevant organisation active in the field of school education.

Same as KA1 Training Courses, the Staff Mobility consists in a practical learning experience hosted by a partner organisation in another country, during which participants visit local companies, follow and/or observe the daily work of  professionals at the receiving organisation, acquire skills and knowledge, exchange good practices and establish new partnerships through participative observation.

Being involved in a Staff Mobility Project under Erasmus+ gives to participants the possibility to:

  • improve competencies linked to their professional profiles;
  • increase their capacity to trigger changes in terms of modernisation and international opening within their educational organisations;
  • gain greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity;
  • increase their opportunities for professional and career development;
  • improve their foreign language competences;
  • increase motivation and satisfaction in their daily work.

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility in Canary Islands

INTERMOBEX is able to find the most suitable hosting organisation(s) for Staff Mobility Projects, according to participants’ profile and needs, and to plan a successful training period, by offering two different Staff Mobility activities:

Guided visits: during the mobility period participants will visit different HEI, companies or other organisations relevant to their professional profile at the hosting country, being guided by a responsible person through their operating models and strategies, in order to be inspired by good practices and examples of modernisation.

Job Shadowing (observation/training): participants will be hosted by a local HEI, company or other organisation relevant to their professional profile at the hosting country for the whole duration of the mobility period, observing the daily work of the hosting organisation and training by doing, in order to improve or gain practical skills useful to their professional growth.


What can INTERMOBEX do for your Erasmus+ Staff Mobility?

Thanks to a broad network of partnerships in Canary Islands, INTERMOBEX is able to arrange observation and training periods for Staff in almost any professional field.

INTERMOBEX will set the Mobility Programme (both for guided visits and for job shadowing activities), will organise transfers from and to the airport, find accommodation and arrange cultural activities, in addition to provide tutoring and monitoring during the training period.

Would you like to have a Job Shadowing in Las Palmas?

Tell us which are your requirements (main topic, general objectives, number of participants, duration and period, type of activity) and we’ll be back to you as soon as possible with a customized proposal and quotation.